Most Innovative Data Recording System in Fabric Inspection

MAAGQTEX are equipped with top industrial electronic components which guarantee proper functioning over a period of many years. Interference of the software by incorrect use or computer virus is impossible. MAAGQTEX can be used as “stand-alone” and can it be integrated in an ERP-System at any time.

Saving of costs and time

Fabric inspection is a process which unnecessarily lowers your profits. This may not be so in the future. It is therefore most important that some time is spent to investigate the possibilities to improve this process, not only in view of fabric inspection, but at the same time to obtain major facts for a continuous improvement of your entire production process.

Optimal utilization of production

The MaagQTex is equipped with the necessary interface to link-up with superior systems (such as SAP, AS400, Datatex, etc.) The data are being exchanged by means of csv data with the ERP software and are then available for use in other systems for further processing. However, to run the MaagQTex system an ERP system is not compulsory required. The MaagQTex system may be installed as a “stand alone” unit.

To install a MaagQTex, no defined, mechanical interface is necessary. The MaagQTex can be installed to any existing examining machine. The installation can be made locally or can be supplied by Maag in various executions.

MAAQTEX is a proven system which maximizes the automation potential of the fabric inspection process. MAAQTEX can be used  «stand-alone» or integrated into the company ERP-System.

MagQTex Features

  • Order entry
  • Data collection on touch panel
  • Online Quality checking
  • Reporting, Data export in MS-EXCEL
  • Cut optimisation 

User friendly

Data input direct by touch screen, easy to operate, avoiding errors of manualnotes and transfers. No computer knowledge of operator required. Surface can be adapted to suit any individual working scheme of a textile factory.

A wide range of applications on any inspection machine are available. Mounted units can be placed into ergonomic position to suit any operator.

Factsheet MaagQTex